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How to Assess Corners
IAM Advanced Rider Course

Cafe’s Rideouts - chill out!

General Rides - for fun!

Army Flying Museum - R1, R2,

Goodwood Airfield - R1, R2, R3, R4,

Popham Airfield - R1, R2,

Compton Abbas Airfield - R1, R2,

Lasham Airfield




Pewsey - Lardy Cake Run
Caen Hill Locks

Cheddar Gorge

Lynton & Lynmouth

Lulworth Cove

Box Hill

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Motorcycle Roadcraft
The Police Riders Handbook
Advanced Riding by Police Bikers
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05 March 2017
SAM Sunday
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- 13 December 2016 -
 - Club Night -

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Live longer, ride advance safe

Try the IAM or RoSPA or both

System of Advanced Riding

NEW - How much do you know?
Test Your Knowledge


Chapter 1 - Better Riding

Chapter 2 - The System

Chapter 3 - Information

Chapter 4 - Hazards

Chapter 5 - Control

Chapter 6 - not shown
Chapter 7 - Cornering

Chapter 8 - Signals

Chapter 9 - Positioning

Chapter 10 - Overtaking

Chapter 11 - Motorways